Thursday, 23 May 2013

Making the bed

Some days I've had to make  the bed 10 times! Why? I have no idea. Sometimes it just doesn't go right and I have to do it again. Sometimes I need it to look perfect. 
There have been times where I've slept in the chair because I don't want to muck the bed up. There are times when I've sat on the floor so I don't mess my cushions up. As I'm writing this I'm realising how ridiculous it seems.My god I'm making myself sound like a right weirdo.
It is quite upsetting as I really can't help it.
I've always been tidy. I don't think it's a bad thing . People always comment on how nice my place is. It's just when I get obsessed with it that I know it's not quite right. Everything, right down to the back of the kitchen cupboard has to be organised and tidy. I can't function when things are a mess. It's not all the time that I'm so picky. I'm always tidy but I do " live" in my flat. I can't say when it's worse. Not really when I'm depressed....then I don't really care. Not when I'm on a real high either . I don't know but I guess it's all part of my bipolar.
It only becomes a problem when I don't want people round because they might make a mess or I don't eat properly because I'll make a mess in the kitchen. 
 It's not always a problem ... it's only me here and if I've got the time, what does it matter?  It has been a problem when I've been late for work though,  because I can't leave the house until its in order. I have been known to stay up all night if I've got an appointment the next day so I've got time to do everything before I go.
I get on my own nerves. I wish I could be more laid back more often. I don't know what the answer is. 
It's not OCD. I don't know what it is. 

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