Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My Best Friend

Friends are like oxygen . There would be no life without.
I've been friends with my bestest for over twenty years. I don't always remember that far back but I do remember how we just seemed to gel and get on right from the start. Whatever we do it turns into something fun, even the shittiest thing ends up turning out ok! It's funny how that happens. I don't know what it is that draws you to someone. 
Over the years there have been times where we've drifted apart. I think that's just life. It doesn't matter when you're true friends as you always end up coming together again. 
I think we're closer than ever now. I can't imagine a life without her in it.
Sometimes I think I might be dead if it wasn't for her. She keeps me going even when I'm at my lowest. She understands my bipolar and knows when to encourage me and when to back off. 
There's not much she doesn't know about me. I usually end up telling her most things and things I can't tell her, well I know she understands.  We've never had an argument and I doubt we ever will. Even  when we don't agree with each other, we never argue. She's not perfect and there are times when I wonder why she's doing what she's doing but then I'm not perfect either. 
I hope I'm a good friend. I often feel guilty that I'm mostly the taker and not the giver. I always seem to have some drama going on! She's had some pretty tough times too but she never really moans, not to me anyway.
Hahaha my friend comes with a whole package of benefits !!! Not only do I get to spend time with her, I get to spend time with her family. 
I feel honoured that she has done that for me. Allowing someone to become so close to those who mean the most to you is pretty selfless. I really am part of her family.
She is a beautiful, kind, truly amazing person and Im extremely proud of her. 
I love her so much.
We will be friends forever.

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