Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Surviving Crazy.........Introduction

 I am a 40something, divorced, single female, who happens to have an overactive mind at times and who also happens to have Bipolar Disorder .
My life has changed dramatically over the last 5 years and to say its been a struggle is an understatement.About a year ago I started to write a "book" which in all honesty has turned into a bunch of random thoughts , mostly scribbled on scraps of paper or on my ipad notes....about this and that and shit ! I doubt I'd ever be able to organise it into anything readable on paper. It's a bit of a jumbled up mess at the moment. Hahaha a bit like me at times! 
So, that's why I decided to write a blog.
It's just about things that go on in my life and in my head. I doubt anyone is going to be remotely interested in my ramblings,  but hey, you never know, someone might and besides it gives me something to do with all the crap that goes on in my mind !!!
It's not particularly my story , any story or an autobiography. It's just about whatever "stuff " comes into my head......and sometimes there's a lot of it! 
It's not just meant to be about being Bipolar, although as that is part of who I am, does come into it pretty frequently.
I decided that putting all this into a blog might help me channel my thoughts, it might be of interest to anyone around my age , might interest anyone who suddenly finds themselves single or divorced, might be interesting to anyone else with Bipolar Disorder or might just be of interest to anyone who is just plain nosy  when it comes to other people's lives! 
I am not a writer and I've never done anything like this before.
If anyone who knows me reads this they could get a shock. I don't intend to upset anyone but no doubt I will.  There's  no point in writing things that aren't true or leaving stuff out, and even though some things are pretty personal, I won't mention real names unless I know it doesn't matter.
I'm finding this kind of exciting already !
Everyone is unique, everyone has a unique life ...... this is about my unique life and the people in it x 

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